Evan Ponter

Evan Ponter

Founder & Principal Consultant

Evan Ponter is a Salesforce Consultant from Baltimore, MD who has been focusing on declarative development since 2012. His desire to keep an org simple, streamlined, and maintainable by future admins has led him to being an expert on the declarative features of the platform. A deep understanding of reports, the importance of proper data modeling, and the utilization of declarative automation tools have propelled Evan along a blossoming Salesforce journey where he solves complex problems using clever solutions that provide the ultimate flexibility. As the Founder & Principal Consultant of Ponter Solutions, Evan invests himself in client relationships in order to provide thorough solutions that unlock new realities for utilizing Salesforce. He is co-author of ReportForce.blog – a blog dedicated to Salesforce report, dashboard, and analytic best practices. When he’s not logged into Salesforce, Evan enjoys playing bass guitar in a local rock band.

Report Hands-On Training

Everyone is putting data into Salesforce, but how do you retrieve and analyze that data? In this hands-on training, we’ll showcase a framework for building custom report types that can serve as a foundation for report requests. There are some key features that enable incredible flexibility to reference all the desired data points and filter data sets accordingly. Unlocking this deep understanding of the standard reporting features will allow you to quickly generate analytics without any tedious workarounds. We’ll tackle a few example report requests that showcase how all of these features work together. Come ready with a sandbox environment to build in. By the end of the session, you’ll have a working example of a custom report type that you can reference for any future endeavors.