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Jeremy White

Jeremy White

Stony Point

Jeremy White is an industry veteran of 25 years and has worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for 15 of those years. As VP, Consulting and Training at Stony Point, he contributes to a wide variety of projects around the globe. Stony Point specializes in user adoption and partner enablement; helping people upgrade their skill sets to take part in the fourth industrial revolution. Jeremy lives in the Fresno area with his wife, 5 children, a dog named Puku and a dragon called Smaug.

Turning Data Into Success – Help everyone know what is the next right thing to do

Breakout Session #2

executive/manager (adoption)

“The most common source of mistakes is the emphasis on finding the right answer rather than the right question” – Peter Drucker

How do you identify the right questions to ask daily, weekly, monthly and annually throughout your organization? Using real world examples, we will see how this translates to reports, dashboards and other feedback mechanisms that do more than display data but provide the answers.

Getting this right drives adoption at all levels of your organization and empowers individuals to make the most effective contribution to its success.

Classroom 4
1:45pm - 3:00pm